Gobbinland, Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, Lancashire

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Street With No Name

Street With No Name

View of a street with no name from Roe Greave Road with Trinity Street and Rowan Avenue at the end. Is this part of Rowan Avenue perhaps?

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  1. # · 1501 days ago · Peter added —

    At present, the little red No 1 bus comes along Roe Greave and turns into here and stops at the bus stop on the left, every half hour, daytime only. It then proceeds up Rowan Avenue onto Lime Avenue before going along Grove Street onto New Lane and down to Black Dog and Union Road. It’s fairly well used so long may it continue.

  2. # · 1501 days ago · Former resident. added —

    No name because there are no houses that front the ‘street’. It is in fact a wide ‘back’ (as the little side alleys between streets were called). It used to be the terminus of the No 1 bus route from Accrington to Roe Greave Rd leaving Accrington at 10 past the hour and Oswaldtwistle at half past. At first the bus reversed into the side street form Roe Greave Rd and waited at the corner on the right of the photograph and went down Roe Greave Rd. Later it waited on the left side and went down Trinity St.

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