Gobbinland, Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, Lancashire

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Ossy Gobbin Lamp

Ossy Gobbin Lamp

The Gobbin Lamp outside the Library, Union Road, Oswaldtwistle was repaired in October 2011 and is now constantly lit. (Photo taken at 11am on a sunny day)

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  1. # · 1945 days ago · Peter added —

    Ah well, that’s because you’d be a ‘bottom ender’! Not very flattering but better than living in Slack Bottom I suppose ;-) I’m not a true Gobbiner cos I was born elsewhere but I was brought up in Gobbinland and I live here now, so I don’t care, I call myself a Gobbiner. I’d say if you like Gobbinland, Wannabe, and you visit regularly, then you can call yourself a Gobbiner. But true Gobbiners may say I am blaspheming!

    It used to be the poor folk who lived in Gobbinland with many unemployed and scrambling after gobbins of coal that might fall off a coal cart. Apparently many died of starvation and Gobbinland was known as the ‘deserted village’ for some years. With no education, some Gobbiners were considered idiots by those who did not appreciate how lucky they were to be able to go to school and have regular meals. So does this mean you were better of above the lamp or below it? I suppose it’s down to your values and what you consider to be the real meaning of ‘better off.’

  2. # · 1945 days ago · Wannabe Gobbiner added —

    I’d always heard that you were only a true Gobbiner if born above the lamp. I’ve never been sure what that makes us who were born below the lamp! I’d love to be able to describe myself as a “true Gobbiner” – some people may laugh at the term but I’d regard it as a compliment!

  3. # · 1996 days ago · JuneyHod added —

    I’ve heard that depending on your social status you were either born above the Ossy lamp or below it. But which was which? Were you better off if born above the lamp? Or was it the other way round?

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