Gobbinland, Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, Lancashire

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19 Commercial St Ossy

19 Commercial St Ossy

19 Commercial Street, Gobbinland Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, BB5 3JL built in 1884 showing Victoria Street going off to the right. I lived here for 10 years. It was a carpet shop before we moved in and you can see where the shop door was. We used the shop as a laundry and play room, with twin tub washer eventually replacing the mangle and dolly tub. I loved mangling!

Underneath the two shop windows you can see stone lintels next to the pavement. There used to be a window and an opening to allow light into the cellar and for the coal man to dump his coal there. In 1963 I think it was the cellar got completely flooded, just like many others in a very bad winter. We lived in the kitchen mainly (left of the front door), had a black cast-iron stove and fire to do the cooking and boiling of water until we got an electric cooker later on. There was a rack above the fire always full of clothes drying and a big pot sink.

The other downstairs room (window on Victoria Street) was a little parlour and we had an upright piano and gramophone. My dad was an audit clerk with a very low wage and my mum was a home help and they spent all their money on us, hardly any for themselves.

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