Gobbinland, Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, Lancashire

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28-30 Commercial St Ossy

28-30 Commercial St Ossy

26-30 Commercial Street, Gobbinland Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, BB5 3JL. Mr Laycock had his ice-cream shop at No. 30 (the nearest one on the corner) and then around 1962 Mr and Mrs Devaney took it over. Mr Devaney used to manage a cotton mill in Nelson which closed down. He continued selling ice cream and I couldn’t tell whether Mr Laycock’s or Mr Devaney’s ice cream tasted best – it all tasted great to me!

They had a son and daughter – Terry was some kind of stage director I think. He used to come to our house for a bath. I loved Chuck Berry at the time but Terry reckoned Bo Diddley and Buddy Holly were the best. In the prime of his life he sadly died in an accident only a few years later.

Pauline Devaney, the daughter, was a keen actress and went to RADA. She became known as Polly James and became famous in the Liver Birds.

I think Mrs Smellie lived at No. 28 and Mary Duggan at No. 26.

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