Gobbinland, Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, Lancashire

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There was once a Gobbin serving her time as an apprentice Gobbin godmother. Although she was wonderfully magical, kind and clever, she was also considered to be a very ugly Gobbin. And despite her wonderful qualities, it seemed that everyone was set on believing that beauty was the most important thing about a Gobbin. At the Gobbin Tech they teased her, and even when she was preparing to whisper nice thoughts into a child’s dreams, some of them would whisper into her ears: “Get lost, you skennin’ fussuck!”

But although she was little, her magic was powerful big, and more than once she’d thought of using it to transform herself into a gorgeous Gobbin. But her mum’s words stuck with her: “You are what you are, love, warts and all; and never doubt that you’re like this for a very special reason…”

One day, the witches of Accrington invaded and ransacked Gobbinland, throwing all the Gobbins in gaol. Our Gobbin, just before they got to her, put a spell on her own clothes and, aided by her ugly face, she fooled them into thinking she was a witch and went along with them back to their coven.

Inside the witches’ haunt, she used her powerful magic to organise a big do for everyone, inviting nethercrops, bats and toads along and a pack of howling wolves to provide the music. When the party was really bouncing, our Gobbin shot off and set loose all the Gobbins who had been imprisoned. Once they were all free, they all worked together and made the biggest Gobbin spell ever with a fantastic result – they managed to trap all the bad old Accy witches inside the Coppice and they are there till this day!

Ever since that time, the great bravery and ingenuity of the ugly Gobbin was remembered by all the Gobbins and they pass it on to Gobbiners in their dreams. Gobbiners no longer see ugliness as a disgrace. At the birth of an ugly child Gobbiners are filled with joy, knowing that great things lie ahead for this new little Gobbiner.

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