Gobbinland, Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, Lancashire

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Enry Argreaves was a Gobbiner who used to love winning everything. No matter how good anybody else did, he awlus wanted to cap it. He couldn’t stand losing and so he learned how to cheat too. At football he was good at acting and was always winning penalties by diving. He marked cards and knew what the other player had so he could always lick them at brag or rummy. He always won at conkers because he soaked his conker in vinegar until it became rock hard and nobody could crack it. It was the same with video games and whatever, he found ways to win and get away with it.

Everybody began to see him as the champ but they also stopped playing against him because they could never win and he would always boast about it. Young Lebby Smith kept playing him, however, even though Enry made him look ridiculous and Enry kept laughing at Lebby’s expense. But eventually Enry got bored and wanted to show off to a bigger audience.

That night, a Gobbin whispered some things in Enry’s ear as he was sleeping and Enry dreamt he was winning all his games in a big competition. When he woke in the morning he looked in the papers and found there was a national video game competition coming up soon. He imagined himself winning and showing off in front of a big crowd so he entered it straight away.

Enry thought he could just do what he had always done and win with a bit of trickery and cheating but this championship was different. The judges and the rules made it impossible to cheat and Enry kept losing. He was a good player but wasn’t good enough to win without cheating. So before long he was knocked out of the contest and was left feeling depressed and embarrassed. Previously he had won every game and everybody thought he was the best around, but now he had nothing to brag about and wondered what to do.

Next day the champion was announced and it was Lebby Smith! All the time he had been playing and losing to Enry, Lebby had been learning. He wasn’t bothered about whether he won or lost, he just wanted to play the games as well as he could. He had learned so much that he won the competition! He didn’t swagger around because he knew he had become an expert by hard work and perseverance and that anybody else who tried as hard as he did could also become just as good. He had proved to himself that he could be really good at something if he put his mind to it and that gave him real satisfaction.

Enry realised that Lebby’s attitude was much cleverer than his own and from then on he gave up wanting to win all the time. In fact he was quite happy to lose because it gave him the chance to learn how to improve. He would win some and lose some and, as long as the game was played fairly, was always content with the outcome. With a little help from a Gobbin, Enry became a very nice Gobbiner.

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