Gobbinland, Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, Lancashire

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Ever wondered where shadows go at night and where the Gobbins come from? Well, legend has it that many many years ago Gobbinland was a mysterious and wonderful place guarded by Gobbindina the Gobbin Godmother and her followers. Gobbindina was very kind, clever and friendly and all her followers loved her dearly. Then came a time when evil beings threatened Gobbinland and it soon became clear that the only hope of saving Gobbinland was for Gobbindina and her devotees to journey forth, find the Gobbin Diamond and bring it back home to Gobbinland.

Gobbindina warned them of the obstacles that lay before them but none of her helpers were afraid and all promised to go with her wherever they were needed. That same day Gobbindina and fifty of her most loyal followers packed their baggin’ and started out on their adventure.

The journey turned out to be even more dangerous and difficult than Gobbindina had predicted or described. They encountered all kinds of scary monsters and slimy beasts as, famished and thirsty, they struggled through bogs, quicksands, deserts and jungles. Confronted by such hardships, many of her companions gave up until finally only one was left, whose name was Shadow.

Shadow was not the brightest, bravest or brawniest being but he had something special about him – he stayed loyal to the Gobbin Godmother right to the very end. Whenever Gobbindina asked Shadow why he had not lost heart and given up like the others, Shadow would always say, “I said I’d follow you through all obstacles no matter what and so that’s what I’m doing. I am not going to abandon you just because of some hardships.”

With the help of her loyal Shadow, Gobbindina found the Gobbin Diamond but it was guarded by the worst monster of them all. So in a final act of loyalty, Shadow offered to serve the monster in return for the Diamond. The monster accepted the offer and let Gobbindina take the Gobbin Diamond. Shadow served the monster for the rest of his life.

When the Gobbin Diamond was restored to its rightful home, the evil beings disappeared and Gobbinland became mysterious and wonderful again. But in the night Gobbindina often sobbed with sadness because her loyal Shadow was no longer around. The self-sacrifice of Shadow had caused a powerful love to arise in Gobbindina’s heart.

The Gobbin Godmother wanted all earthly beings to know for themselves just how valuable loyalty, faith and commitment were. So out of great love and compassion, she gave everybody their very own shadow. So since that time many many moons ago, everyone has had their own shadow during the day and when it goes dark all those shadows travel back to Gobbinland to hang out with Gobbindina and do her bidding. Gobbiners are incredibly fortunate to live so close to the Gobbin Diamond because we have the loyal protection of those shadows. Yes, you guessed it, those nighttime shadows are actually now known as the Gobbins. They appear in our dreams, guard us against hardship, suffering and evil beings, and help us wake up safe, happy and confident.

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