Gobbinland, Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, Lancashire

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This story has only just begun and I have no idea what direction it is going in or how it will end, so please help me by adding another part to the story in the comments that follow. Let’s see just how gradely we can make it!

Twas a wott summer’s day and joyous throssles were a-singing splendiferously as Semily Bloggins traipsed cloppily along White Ash on her way to the swanee. All of a sudden an ackersprit came flying over the top of the undergrown overgrowth on the other side of the slutchy ditch that was between her and the field beyond. “Ecky pecky! What were that?”, she exclaimed, as the prato landed with a thunge in the scrunt. Birds scattered, a rabbit bolted and Semily’s traipse turned into a lobb. She soon came to the big view tree and clambered swiftly up till she saw the whole land but couldn’t see anybody anywhere. “Eigh up”, she thought to herself, “there’s mischief afoot!”

She was just about to climb back down when another spud came flying through the air straight at her! She ducked behind a boof as the missile whizzed past her left lughole. “By gum, somebody’s after me!” – she silently muttered. “Who theā€¦?”, but before she could say another word, a chorus of laughter barst out and two hobblety-hoys appeared from behind an owler tree. “You two are in dead lumber now,” Semily shouted, “just wait till yer dad ‘ears o’ this!”

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