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WITHOUT REGISTERING, you can still add comments and notes to articles or email admin with your photos or tales etc. This is a great help to Gobbinland and will be appreciated by Gobbiners and Gobbin lovers everywhere.

WHY REGISTER? So you can post articles. If you don’t intend to post articles don’t register. You can write articles just the way you like them, upload photos, sketches and whatever whenever and readers will see your name as part of the article. Instructions are easy to follow. Your friends or family will be able browse your articles more easily, by clicking your name. Also, of course, you have the opportunity to be of great service to Gobbinland and Gobbiners now and in the future and enjoy something new and rewarding. Best of all, the Gobbins will give you special attention – how much is that worth!?

WHEN YOU REGISTER Only register when you have an article ready to post. An ‘article’ can be a video, photo, sketch, tale etc as long or short as you like.

GOBBIN WISDOM. This is not a social networking site so please do not give anything away which might reveal your or anyone else’s identity, address, phone number etc. Identity thieves and worse will watch this site. You are responsible for whatever you put on this site and the parent or guardian is answerable for anyone under 16. Anything that might endanger or offend others will probably be removed or not shown in public in the first place. Follow the example of the Gobbins – have good clean fun and respect for yourself and others at all times. Remember that when Gobbins sprinkle their magic coal dust it does not stain but makes everything brighter!