Gobbinland, Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, Lancashire

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'Ow do, I hope many of you will contribute with comments, photos, tales, sketches, memories, clarity and wisdom and turn the site into something all Gobbiners can be proud of. - Peter (admin)

Gobbinland is part of Oswaldtwistle

Gobbinland is the area of Ossy "above t' lamp". The lamp is the one outside the Carnegie Library on Union Road. The western boundary is the bridge over Cocker Brook. The northern and southern boundaries are probably the fields past White Ash and Duckworth Hill Lane respectively. It's all a bit vague but perhaps this website will shed some light on it, I am not an expert so this website depends on your input.

The first aim of gobbinland.com is to photograph the whole of Gobbinland and build up useful information - of practical value to Gobbiners here and now but also as an interesting historical record. There's every street, back, house, building, tree and flower to photograph, and then there's indoors too, and stuff from the past... If you know something about a building or street, why not write a comment on the page? Got photos? Please join in, register, make it happen!

What is a Gobbin?

One answer is that a gobbin is an old Lancashire dialect term for a lump of coal. Let's dispel the myth that Gobbins are stupid people once and for all. The myth probably came about because most people worked down the mines or in the mills from an early age and had no education. But not being able to read or write does not necessarily mean someone is stupid. The myth is probably being kept alive by non-Gobbiners who are perhaps jealous, bear a grudge, think they're clever or whatever. Tell the world - Gobbiners are great!

Yes, but what is a Gobbin really?

My Mum and Dad, God rest their souls, tried to answer this most ancient and difficult question for me and told me that the real Gobbins are the friendly spirits of children and miners who starved to death when times were hard. At night, when everyone is sleeping, the Gobbins come out and have fun. If we are lucky they enter our dreams and we enjoy a beautiful night's sleep. We don't always remember them, but when strange, amusing and happy thoughts come to us, the Gobbins have been looking after us while we slept.

The second aim of gobbinland.com is to collect tales and sketches inspired by these kind-hearted Gobbin spirits. Your dreams are more vivid when you are young, so I hope many youngsters will remember their dreams and write them down as tales that can be passed on to all Gobbiners. Perhaps you've seen Gobbins? They can't be photographed but they can be painted or drawn so I hope you will register and post your tales and sketches on the site. If you are under 16 please ask a parent or guardian to help you pass on your knowledge of the Gobbins. We need to learn as much about the Gobbins as we can! Many people, young and old, still ponder on the imponderable question - exactly what is a Gobbin?